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broke up with my Egyptian girlfriend a few months ago and now it seems like everything in the news, T.V and even going on dates is related to Egypt. whether I'm sitting at a table on a date and I see the Egypt flag or I'm driving my date home and out of nowhere I see a Egyptian mural painted on the side of an apartment complex. I really do miss my ex though, I want to talk to her but, just not sure if she would feel the same towards me ever again. she is stubborn and I am too so I assume that both of us are pretty much feeling the same right now. damn you Egypt and your propaganda!

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  • It's theb(so called in my country) "pregnant's syndrome". Pregnant women see everywhere other pregnant women because of their condition. When something means something to one (is important, scary, strange, anything), one tends to noticr similar things/situations etc everywhere. That's what it is, it's mot propaganda. Now, to your ex. If hurting your ego, stubbirness, call it whatever you want, is the only thing that is gonna be hurt if you talk to her, then do it. You miss her and you'll lose only if you don't talk to het

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