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He just got me mad because I drive 20 minutes to go see him most of the time but when I tell him to come over cause I'm home alone, he says it's too far like seriously!? I can drive to see you but you can't!? okay then am I wrong for being mad??

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  • Nope. I don't think so. I mean, I was in a relationship like that. The guy thought he was so smart, so great, and he was doing me a favour. Actually, everyone else knew I was far out of his league. He just seemed like such a funny and nice person to me. Well, he wasn't. He wasn't even as smart as he seemed when we first met, he was dumber than me. He even tried to brag with his slightly above average IQ, and I pretended to be impressed. I got tested a few times, and let's just say my results are way better. But I did not think that intelligence or the ability to keep a decent conversation going are only a result of the IQ. He did. He was seriously the dumbest person I ever met. I did a lot to keep this relationship working, because he seemed to depend on me a lot and had lost his best friend to cancer not too long ago, but when he told me that two members of my family recently dying is not nearly as bad as his best friend dying a year ago, I had it. If you really feel that he doesn't respect you and that your relationship is one sided, get out of it before you waste your precious time. And if you were inviting your boyfriend over for sex and he declined, he's either really stupid or really lazy. And if there are any spelling errors in this text, sorry - I'm not wearing my glasses and can't see very well (the black and white design isn't too awesome if you're blind as a bat ...)

  • when a girl says she's alone at home,and the dude says is too far,he is either gay;cheating on you; or he doesn't feel attracted to you at all.

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