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I can learn a specific profession from my dad,note that he is willing to pass the knowledge down to me and already has the machinery and equipment along with an extensive list of clients,i can make a lot of safe,legal money on said profession. The second choice is a highly illegal line of work,which would supply a market that almost none is aware of in my country,the recognition of an anonimous god among men in the underground world of drugs,of course lots of money,high risk,but payment is likely to be twice as much than the first. note that the first option already pays much,much more than i can spend,and would allow me to own my own house,cars and motorcycles in less than 5 years. while the second craft is much trickier and highly illegal,only for a profit of 2x the first option,i'm still inclining towards the second option,given that i have personal issues when it comes to the relation with my father and also that,being the first to explore this new market on the crime world,gives me chills just to imagine.. to be a visionare and go down in history and be remembered with glory among the brave,or to choose the fast,easier way,in which the advantages are much clearer and the safety and legitimacy of the business is recognized troughout the globe? glory or safety? to explore and create my own way or to follow the path in which my father has already travelled? what would you chose?

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  • 2nd choice, pretty obvious. Carpe Diem mother fuckers

  • ofcourse the legal and ethical one!

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