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I met a guy in town, my friend and I found his Instagram, and he had a couple of pictures with a girl, so I went to her Instagram and found out it was his girlfriend, but I assumed it was an ex. He found me on Facebook a few days later, and he got my snapchat. We wrote everyday for about 2 months until I checked his Instagram again, but he'd made it private, and I didn't want to him to know that I basically stalked him on social media, so I didn't follow him. I checked the girls instagram, and saw a picture of her walking his dog. I found it weird, so I found her Facebook, and it said they were in a relationship, but it didn't say so on his profile. He kept writing to me, but I didn't always reply. we met again 1 month later (he lives across the country), and he was so nice, very handsome, very talkative. He wanted to come home with me, but I said no and went home alone. We kept writing on and off. It felt so right to, yet so wrong, cause sometimes it felt like he was living 2 lives. One time I asked him if he had a girlfriend, but he didn't really answer the question. He just said: I want you. He's an idiot, but at the same time I'm really in to him. I've started becoming more distant, and I want him, but not if he's with someone else. I don't wanna be his mistress. It's difficult for me not to text him, but it's for the best.

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  • If you think about it, you do were going out while he has a girlfriend. What he is doing is wrong. Do not encourage it. Don't be his side bitch or piece of ass. Don't stroke his ego. Dump him hard. Dump him fast.

  • what you want with him? sex or a relationship? if you just want sex, stop looking into his social accounts like a psycho freak... if you want a relationship with him, sorry but it wont last, you havent starting anything yet and you already dont trust him... later on is gonna be worst, besides you are a kind online sociopathic psycho... that only results in problems ans useless discussions.

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