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I have big boobs. When Id just turned 15 I was crazy about a boy who was also 15, and he invited me home. I rode 30 mins on bike to get to him, and I usually asked my parents to drive me. He was home alone, so we made out a lot. I his room he lifted me up, took my bra off and looked at my boobs. Then he said they were a bit saggy. He wanted to try and have sex, but I wouldn't let him, then he asked me to leave. Everytime I've been close to being intimate with someone, I've thought about this episode, and 5 years later he's the only guy who's ever touched me and seen me naked.

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  • Ugh, people can be so stupid. Bet you look great with and without clothes. Don't be afraid, and dont let one asshole ruine your view of yourself. Don't be afraid to show how you look. Good luck in life, hope you will figure it out.

  • I am sorry your first sexual experience was with that jackass. He was young and did not know better. There are guys out there who are a lot nicer. Find one and fuck his brains out.

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