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I usually go in defence of Teachers, seeing as most of my family members are teachers. I seriously hate how people try to lecture them. "Oh you should inspire kids to learn and explore on their own", that's just fucking stupid, yes its important to inspire a child, but not everyone is going to be "inspired" by calculus of by the writings of Shakespeare. "They should teach us stuff that will actually be useful", that esentially means "I didn't like that subject or it was too hard for me in school, so they should do more stuff that I liked". And exams, now don't get me wrong, there's a lot of problems with exams and they aren't perfect, but no one has come up with a solution that is different AND asses if the students actually learnt something.Schools are not factories of indoctrination either, and no home-schooling isn't a solution that everyone can enjoy.

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  • Schools ARE indoctrination factories. That's the entire point!

  • Well, here is my problem with most of the teachers i´ve met yet. I see alot of them not taking their job serious enough. I know that teachers have a lot of work to do besides the hours they spend in school but still,I see alot of teachers who just dont care about their students enough (atelast in the german school system which im reffering to). I dont want to have teachers that are drunk or unable to work with other people or expecting way too much of their classes. The second main issue is that the way teachers are placed in school is almost like a dictator. Overall grades are not given by mathematical calculation but for pedagogic reasons which is complete B.S. And the last thing which happened to me quiet alot was if I asked the teacher a question he couldn´t answer she/he would just lower my grade because they were embarrassed. And then if my parents asked (long time ago) to talk to them they would just lower my grade again because i was wasting their time (I think it wouldnt be wasted if they´d actually care for their students). Last but not least, I think ( in german) the schoolsystem supresses everyone who think differently, because (at my school) you could only get the best grade if you exactly wrote what the teacher said in the class before (his own opinion). I really agree with you about the "inspire kids" and "something usefull" stuff. School will not inspire everyone but should be fair to everyone which it is not in my opinion :)

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