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i find it disconcerning of how much a girl can have an affect on my life. I did not chicken out, i told her how i feel. Unfortunately, in her eyes, i will always be just a Friend. I thought to myself, if i liked her enough to want to date her why should'nt I be her friend. I realized the true pain of being friends with someone you continue to fall deeper and deeper for, and yet I remain powerless. I tried to find someone else to try and get her out of my mind and my heart, but it did not work. I want to end our friendship so I can start to forget her, but since I see her almost every day, it's impossible. What hurts the most is that we are now very close friends and we spend alot of time together, so i know alot about her and i know how to make her happy. I seem to fall for amazing girls who are already spoken for, i always find that out after I tell them or when I tell them how I feel. This girl is something different though and nothing like other girls i have met. To have someone take over me completely is strange, it's something I'm not used to, it's something that has truly changed me. I only wish I can make someone feel the same about me.

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  • just focus on being her friend and let your romantic feelings for this girl go, give yourself some time apart from her and move on because if she doesnt want to date you and you keep persuing her it will ruin what seems to be a beautiful relationship you already have... you cant make the girl love you all you can do is be what she wants and if thats not a boyfriend then its then your decision to let her go or accept that you will only be friends

  • you probably have made someone feel the same about you, but you dont know it because while you chase after this girl, a girl is chasing after you and has to watch her love for you go ignore. There's probably some one who loves you like crazy but knows you just want to be friends.

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