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I was born on accident, my mom was gonna have an abortion but my dad told her not to. My dad was divorced with three kids already with his other wife and 2 with my mom (not including me). Whenever my family came over they would take is to the swings where they would play with my brother and sister all day but left me there crying. I always wanted to play softball or do karate and hated ballet. My mom ironically put my brother in both those sports and me and my sister in ballet. I was always angry as a child so they sent me to therapy since I took my anger out on my eyelashes (ripping them out). When we moved I meet some really bad kids that at first bullied me but then made me join their "possy". We bullied people and were the cool kids in class. I had a nice innocent friend before that and you know what I did, I bullied her. I bullied the only decent person I ever met. I bullied a shy kid and made him cry multiple times. And here I am asking for forgiveness like I deserve it. Here I am getting bullied and pleading for mercy. Ironic ain't it. So please if you're reading this, don't bully anyone. You'll grow to hate yourself. One of these days I will move away and start over, not like I deserve it though.

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  • Forgive yourself. You were a lonely kid, with no love given to you, desperately trying to belong. You can not undo what you did, but you can help others avoid that fate.

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