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I lost motivation for studying, mostly for maths. Whatever i do i can't seem to understand the excersises. I barely passed the class last year, because i had a hard time with geometry. I studied alot for the geometry tests, but with no results. Started losing hope, felt like i was stupid. I don't believe that math is that hard that i cant learn it, but i just feel that its pointless to try by now. I don't even try getting help, because of the many negative results even when i studied. This is my last year and no more maths after that, atleast if i dont fail it again. I just can't seem to get myself to sit down and try to study it anymore. Fuck math.

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  • Dont stop studying and dont lose hope. You may run around in circles now, but eventually it will click and you will get it. Take your time, dont panic (i know its easy to say given the fact that its your last year), try to improve your grades slowly but steadily. And i would get external help. Sometimes a tutor can explain stuff like you need it to understand and he will concentrate on you (something a teacher cannot really do). Good luck, you can do it!

  • Try harder, but never give up. Maths is all about to apply the right formula.

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