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I've always wondered what attracted hot women to a ugly man. its not their wealth or hobbies, its just their preference and by that I mean someone else's trash is another man's treasure including everyone reading this we are all someone's treasure eventually

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  • for me I find a lot of guys attractive that other girls wouldn't want to date. what I see in a man you so call ugly is their features and the little things like if they have long eye lashes or just a nice smile or something simple like that but I don't instantly have a attraction towards them I have to be able to see their personality and how they are because I think that is the main thing I look for in a guy sweet and caring but silly and well yeah... :)

  • Funny, I just re watched "she's out of my league" last night. Spoiler alert* The movie talked about these kind of problems. The ugly, no direction, lame job guy gets with a hot and successful girl. She's with him because she got screwed over by the same typical douche bags. So she wants to date him because he's "safe". The guy is also nice and good mannered and all. Good movie, I recommend 😄

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