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My girlfriend, or should i say, my girlfriends family is multimillionaires, and i didn't know this when we started dating, and then later when she told me that she and her family were millionaires i told her that such things doesn't matter, i love her for who she is and i made sure that she didn't think that i was in this relationship for money. Before i got some devastating news from her, i met her father at the local grocery store and we talked for an hour, he really likes me and so and he's a nice guy, but her mother wouldn't allow us to date because she "doesn't want her daughter to date a man without future", i had to collect my grades, a guitar and a picture of me at the national championships in track and field where i competed, and i went to their mansion ( i knew where they lived) when i knew that she was alone, when she opened the gate, i found my way in the house and i told her who i was, and that i loved her daughter more than anything, i played a song that i wrote to explain why i needed her daughter in my life, and i showed her the grades and told her about some of my achievements and when i was done talking, she asked me to sit down, and we had a long talk and she laughed a lot, and then she said "of course you can date my daughter, you really made a good impression on me, i just wanted to be sure that my daughter didn't date an asshole, and i really didn't thought that you were something special, but if you came all the way here just to prove that you are a good man, then you have my blessings", and we could live happily after that, we spent some really great time together and my family and her family went together around the world, and they gave us a lot of tips on how to become rich, and we eventually became rich trough the stock market and by doing business, and my life was perfect! we were gonna move in together in a big house NOW COMES THE SAD CONFESSION. She got murdered and raped in her neighbourhood and i've never felt this sadness before, i still can't believe that this happened..

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  • fuck . i just read this . i mean , how are you now ?

  • go to the police..why are u here confessing abt it... and a confession would be if you were the murderer!! :P

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