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me and my girlfriend of 3 and a half years had an abortion which i didn't mind because we are both so young with our lives still ahead of us. i still hate myself for doing it because i know this girl is the love of my life and i sort of wanted a kid with her because i know she would be an amazing mother but more so that she couldn't leave me. now every time we argue and don't talk for a while i regret every second i ever aborted my child with the girl of my dreams. even though i know we couldn't have gave the child a proper life i know because me and her where its parents we would do some what well for our selves. now for childish reasons i am losing her and can only sit back to see if she still wants to be with me.. as to every story there is a lot more detail, but i just wish my life would turn around completely and me and her would be happy together for ever with no problems.

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