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I've been and i am a christian for my whole life. But my old church rejected me when i started to raise hard questions over and over again. Now, for 5 years i'm out of church and still christian, and i feel like i belong nowhere.

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  • Why would you need a church? If it is really your God, and not your church and community and such you care about, then you can be religious without a church. Your religion is yours, and yours to define, and no priest or pope or even a book can stop you from your own beliefs! Who says God won't love you or accept you when you don't go to church? If you pray and especially, if you are a good person with good intentions, God will surely love you. He gave you a critical mind, so he'll want you to think progressively. No need to go to a church full of conservative people who think Christianity is simply about going to Church and not thinking for themselves. Religion is being good, and loving yourself, your fellow men and women and God :)

  • Reading about religion only brings up more questions, as they don't have the answer you seek.

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