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The worst feeling that keeps me awake at night – is the knowledge that I have sold every piece of jewellery that I’ve been given by family members throughout the years. This includes a ring personally forged for me out of my dead grandmother's wedding ring. I did this to supply a drug habit none of them know about. Now, living independently and on a whole other continent; all I wish is that I still had those things as small, physical reminders of what amazing people they are, but all I have is the notion of what a shitty person I am for having done what I did.

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  • What you did was not good, but you can't help it. I know its hart to fight against. Can you promise me one thing? try to stop please! I believe that you can make it and you will be so much happier when you do. Can you just try? But no matter what, your family will forgive you and I bet that your grandma will forgive you

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