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I was in an abusive relationship, my ex would always put me down and make me feel worthless, I've been single and my friends talk about talking to new guys . I feel like I'm not good enough for anyone. I always point out my flaws and get sad every time i see a cute couple. I just want to be happy I don't understand how a guy can put a girl through so much emotional and physical abuse. The crazy stupid thing is I miss those days that we were happy together.

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  • You like those that's because that the only happiness you know, wich it is not really happiness. I recently found (with my psychologist) that I always pick the bad boys, not because I am deeply in love for them but because I only know that situation And I know how to "deel" with them. But it's enough.... I am dumping my actual boyfriend and find someone who really like me and gives me value for waphat and who I am.

  • My ex was abusive and crazy too. You're always worth something. Don't stop trying to find happiness. There are good people in this world. They're few and far between but they are out there.

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