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I'm in love with my best friend for 3 years now and it kills me that i can't tell her, because i know she will never feel the same way.

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  • BS. you can't know unless you tell her

  • i was in the same situation best friends for 5 years had been trough so much together (example her dads death) at one point she said the same thing girls always say "why cant i find a boyfirend as good as you" a few weeks later i asked her out. she shot me down, didnt talk much after that, lost contact with her. i see she going out with some guy she used to hate and they have a kid together now. ive be i a spiraling depression ever since. its been another 4 years now scenes we've spoken and im still in love with her and i always will be. its bringing me to tears just thinking about this. this is just a warning of my fate. i dont want to put you off its your chose. just be careful mate.

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