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I am absolutely unable to differentiate between love and sex. I develop deep feeling of affection towards girls that I share mutual attraction with, and have denied beautiful girls that wanted to have sex with me, because I was not attracted to their personality. I feel like I am not a proper man because of this.

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  • I completely agree with 'ATTILATHEHANGED' (laughing out loud). Be proud of yourself mate. Not many guys like you out there.

  • I like to think that you're a very proper man. Probably because I am exactly the same way. If a girl is really beautiful and I want to have sex with her, but turns out to be really dumb, I don't think I could maintain an erection. But there is a downside... some girls I hooked up with crushed me because they treated it as casual, and I formed attachment. Traditionally, sex creates less attachment in men than it does in women, but men's attachment is longer term. For men, friendship leads to sexual attraction. This brain chemistry is pretty general, but obviously there are variations. And I think it just means you want a strong connection with your partners. Honestly, I wish the girls I met were like this... But I refuse to believe that this makes us broken or defective.

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