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I'm ugly, I'm shy and depressed, I guess I am talented in many things but I always come to a conclusion that it's all for nothing because I'm going to die anyway, and I want to die right now, but I don't want to die alone, I never had a friend, I only wanted someone I can talk to about anything. My biggest fear is dying but no one noticing it.

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  • Do something worth noticing, fake confidence, happiness too. At some point, it becomes real. This worked for me. For looks, dress well, eat well, and carry yourself well, and everyone will take a second look.

  • I know what you're talking about I've been there, on the edge and back, it's though but you need to take someone apart and tell them otherwise it won't go away and eventually you won't care anymore and might actually do something scary, btw DON'T DO THAT, it's not solving anything

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