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My mother is a bitch. I just finished a day of welding and my friend and I came back to my house, where my brother just got his g1, and not even ten minutes after we eat, my mother starts to wrestle me to make me get her smokes and her cell-phone, as she wrestles me she restrains me and hurts me nose. So when I come out of the bathroom from making sure my nose was in place, I go to sit down and she still wants me to get her smokes and cell-phone. So as I leave the apartment slightly pissed off, she says "Lose the additude, I don't need it." She has had the entire day off. She needs to realise im her daughter not her go-fer.

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  • I share your pain. My mother has called me downstairs to pass her something that was literally an inch out of her reach. She hits me and makes me do everything. Just take deep breaths and work on getting yourself out of that situation. That's what I'm doing.

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