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My girlfriend and I took a mutual break when I moved 150 miles to university, in that time she went wild, she slept with more people in those two months than I have in my life, and moved in with someone she met online. I know she has some issues with mental health, so I feel her going wild was probably an attempt to destroy herself, but I can't help but fear she is still seeing any one of those men. I am still 150 miles away, and sometimes she doesn't talk to me for a day or more straight. I am really worried.. I think I trust her, but it still scares me.

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  • It's okay to still be there for her as a friend, but try to find someone more trustworthy. Someone who knows where they are headed. Like you. Or just don't focus on finding someone and instead, focus on finding yourself. You are still young and learning and it's important that you focus on yourself. Like I said earlier, it's okay to still be there for her but don't let her get you distracted.

  • run dude, run

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