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This is to German people. I've been offered a job in Berlin, Germany by VW. So I just wanted to know how are the Germans towards Indians. I meann't what do they think of Indians in general. Then How are Indians in Germany towards Germans. The things I know about Germany and German people are that they are serious in their jobs, very kind towards people, most advanced country, etc. Please answer my questions German people!

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  • I think it's funny and sad at the same time that the only Thing we Germans know about Indians is the entire rape Thing and the only Thing you know is hitler. Like... just think about it for a second. Of course there's more to know. Berlin is a really cool City especially for Young People:) And I'm sure that you'll be greated nicely. Let me give you a Little warning though (coming from someone who lives in the south of Germany): The really original Berlin People are considered to be among the roughest and toughest Germans^^ Like not too sensible. But they're fun to hang out with:D

  • probably people will treat you equal

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