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It really bothers me how this is a confession page, for you to confess something bothering you, a secret or something that you really want to get off your chest and have no one to talk to. It's not for you negative and rude people to go around commenting rude things under a confession. If you don't like what you read, keep it moving and don't comment stupid sh*t. Keep it to yourself. And yes! I know you post things here and people are gonna comment whatever they want and ' if I don't like it, I shouldn't use the app' and yes! Everyone has the right to have their own opinions. But, no one has the right to criticize other people's ways. If they come here is to feel relieved not aggravated because of some close minded people that the only thing they know to say is ' grow up ' ' you're dumb ' and who knows what else. YOU! grow up and start putting yourself in people's shoes.

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  • yea I posted that I'm in a relationship n I love him to death but I like my guy friend n he likes me to n then someone said leave your bf whore . how am I a whore I've only date one person in my whole life n I'm still with him

  • Feedback is not always a positive thing, you need to get over that. The point of this app is to confess things that you have done, felt, or said, and to get feedback on them. Whether that be an encouraging word from somebody who agrees with you, or disapproval from somebody who strongly disagrees. If you can't handle that, you really do need to get off this app. If you do something stupid, somebody is going to tell you you did something stupid. And there will always be people who misuse the app to be rude and troll, but that's something that you're never going to be able to stop.

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