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I have a crush on my friend. I think about him so much he shows up in every one of my dreams. i wrote a poem about him last night. every time i try to draw a person now it ends up looking like him. every time i'm near around him i find myself inching closer and closer to him. every time we talk i get these butterflies. whenever i'm sad or just need someone to talk to he is always the first person i think of, but i end up not messaging him because i'm too afraid i'll annoy him. I've only told one friend about it, and she doesn't even understand the extent of it. i can't get over him. but i know i have to. because he is already in a happy relationship with someone else

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  • maybe it's not a crush but just someone you could trust a little bit. but you never know give it a try like my fellow has said before ;)


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