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I am doing my masters right now, but I do not want to join the 'real' world and just work everyday from 8-5. IThe problem is that I honestly not have a big dream I want to achieve, at all. My only goal is just to be and stay happy. I only feel guilty when I read about people with dreams and are not able to achieve their dream. And I am still wondering if I even have a dream

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  • Haha I'm almost done graduating School and I wish I'd know what to study. You're at least a step further than me^^. I like your dream. My dream is to have a happy Family, be a good housewive and take care of my children. That's also often judged... but what can I say?

  • to be and stay happy you will need money, at least to pay your bills and basic expenses, so you will have to work and live the real life... on the other side, you can become an empty golddigger, be useless for society, and find a rich man that gives you everything you want in change of your vagina and some heading. You choose.

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