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It's been 4 years, still can't forget it. I once killed a man, but I did it because he was raping a woman, I just saw them in an alley way, I didn't mean to kill him, I just hit him in the head trying to make him stop, I would've never thought he would die... I hate myself, every. Single. Day. I tell myself that he deserved it and the woman I saved from the rape was thankful, but I can't cope with the fact that I killed someone. The girl confessed some days after that she killed the man in self-defense and I got away with it.

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  • you're a hero. killed him is better than letting the girl have a lifetime trauma.

  • I don't know if it helps you but I definitively want to tell you that I think it was great and amazingly brave of you. Like... If my boyfriend confessed that to me I'd be proud of him. You did the right Thing. Of course it's sad that the man died but well... who knows what he would have done to the Girl. Might be a harsh opinion but I think he deserved it. And you deserved to get away with it. Don't be so harsh on yourself!

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