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I don't know what to do... My bf of 8years started a argument with me to get out of the house one night. Didn't come home until next day I'm talking. 8 hours... He told me he just drove around and parked in a parking lot.. It wasn't until the next day I discovered on phone bill he spent 3 hours talking and texting his old female friend that he hadn't spoke to over 10 years. He denied talking to anyone but I showed him the phone bill he said I didn't tell you cause you would think the worse... But Where was he after phone conversation stopped? 4hours unaccounted for .. He wants to sweep this under the rug I can't I'm not the same anymore I'm so angry should I contact The woman and try to find out something? This man would never tell me the truth.. I have to know one way or the other.

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  • you already know the answers.. you're stallling and hurting yourself more to dig deeper into it.

  • He lied. You know that. Why pursue the woman? You don't know if she would tell you the truth either. Use your own judgement instead.

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