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Please help me. I have a loyal, fair and a cute looking girlfriend. We are now having a long distance relationship after staying together in the same city for 1 year. My girlfriend is not a gold digger and gets happy in small things. She helped me in money problems in a small way when we were together. Problem is she is highly insecured even after 2 years of our relationship. I have never been disloyal to her. If I do FB, whatsapp for long, she calls me and starts questioning. I need to explain her then. She has a lot f mood swings. And depends on me a lot. When we argue, she gives me slang. Even I end up giving then unluckily. Her family does not support our relationship but she says Things will get better. Her father is autocratic too. It doesn't seem so. She does not support if I travel a lot. She is not career oriented like me. Should I continue my relationship with her?

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  • she sounds very insecure, and that's harmful to you both. long distance is hard and not something everyone can do. sometimes it's a deal breaker. if she can't understand or support you the way you need her to, it's probably time to call it quits.

  • it's likely that she's projecting her own guilty. i was super jealous of my ex gf and it was because i cheated on her.

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