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I've had a crush on this guy for a year and I've fell in lvoe with him, though we don't spend a lot of time together, but when we do, it's quality. This year (I'm a freshman in seniour high school. freshman applies for girls too, right? if not, fresh...whatever) I met three amazing girls and we've becone friends. I always liked one most and I love her, as a friend, I love her very much. But now, I've started to like her, as a girl. And I'm having dreams of her, not sexual, I'm having dreams of talking with her and some hair on her face and she's so darn beautiful!!! And I realised that the guy I mentioned before mostly texts or talks to me when he wants something. I mean, we're in the same class ans once we hadn't talked to each other for a week. I was really mad at him, and really hurt and it's not like before since then. But the other days we were talking about physics, astronomy, such things that we both are into and I can't stop thinking of him. It's happening, all over again. But I'm also falling for my other friend and it's too awkward, I can't look into her eyes much time because I'll start thinking about how beutiful they are, and that tiny black spot on them, and her lips and... It really sucks. Does anyone know hot to get rid of these feelings?? I'm not going to confess to none of them

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  • sexual orientation isn't just back and white, hetero and homo. You may be hetero witha girl crush, you may be a lesbian, you may be bi, you may be anything inbetween. You could even be asexual. Don't overthink all of this but keep learning about yourself. It's fine. And you don't have to talk about your feeling with the other girl. It's your choice.

  • why not confess? there is strength in honesty.

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