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So this is Kind of the complicated story. Before I got together with my boyfriend I Kind of flirted with him and another guy at the same time. It was for all three of us the first sort of love (me and my bf being 17 and the other guy 20) so we were all really inexperienced. I never thought ANYONE would fall for me so I didn't stop it early enough. Somehow they both really fell in love with me. Then I got together with my boyfriend, but I didn't end the contact with the other one. It was only over skype since he was dutch and in the netherlands (I'm german and in Germany). Of course there was no physical form of cheating or anything but I let him tell me he loved me and everything. I told him of me getting together with my boyfriend immediately when it happened but he just didn't care. I really enjoyed being together with my bf but he is Kind of introverted and shy, while the other guy was really socially awkward but loud and funny. A Long-distance relationship is just not my Thing, I think we're too Young for that, Still I enjoyed talking to him a lot so I really didn't want to end our weekly hour-long conversations. We did the same sort of Sport so after almost half a year there was an inevitable Meeting in Paris... I really didn't know what to do, except that I would never cheat on my boyfriend, at least not physically. When I met the other guy and hugged him I noticed that I just didn't feel anything. nothing like what I felt when hugging my boyfriend the first time Also he just wouldn't shut up! I know it's really unfair and he was probably just nervous and excited but I had to base my decision on something! So yeah after almost half a year, where he had eagerly looked Forward to being able to meet me I broke his heart after two hours... He cried in the middle of all our Sport friends... I felt like shit and I know I never should have let it come that far but I just didn't know.... how love worked back then. I know if anyone bothers to read all of this you will judge it, so go ahead and judge it. I just wanted to get it off my chest

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  • Please, can someone summarize this presidential speech? thanks.

  • Oh my! Im going through the same thing right now though is a bit different. I don't have a bf but I really liked this guy and in the other hand there's another guy I think I might like but he lives 20hrs from me and within a week hes coming to my city to visit and I don't think I feel the same vibe as him. It's hard, so I understand you lol

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