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When my grandmother passed away in her hospital ward, I was the only person in the room with her. Suddenly she woke up from her sleep, removed the oxygen mask and told "Somethings should be taken to the grave. Good Luck Boy. May you lead a perfect life.". After saying this she asked me some water, I gave her. She just took her last breath and lied motionless. I was just standing there like a retarded kid without uttering a word. I have no idea why she said those words and only to me. I said this to my parents, they didn't respond tho. Every night I think of it and cry.

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  • I think you should just forget that she ever uttered those words. I know, it's too difficult. But try to

  • What was the secret she took to the grave? A former life of prostitution? Backdoor abortionist? Killed a man in Reno? Maybe she just wanted to give you a headache for the rest of your life (what was she talking about!?!??!?). Oh grandma, such a scamp

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