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I've always had this thought that true love does exists. I believe that once you'll really find the right one and you love each other sooo much, even death can't seperate you two. I know its naïve to think this, but i believe in it. But i'm very young and this generation doesn't believe that. They think that f*** with every body that stands in their way and have relationships for 2days is true love. All my friends are asking:" Why don't you have a boyfriends yet?" And i just respond with:" I don't want to." But the truth iss that i am waiting for that one guy who'll i marry with. Like seriously i don't see the point of considering a relationship with someone when you don't see them marrying to you. Like thats the point?! True, real love is for the ones who patiencly wait. Not for the ones who'll go around an f*** every body. And no, i'm not judging i'm just telling the truth.❤️

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  • hope in humanity is restored

  • I'm young (20), so i may be mistaken, but i love my girlfriend and i really feelt it is true love like you said before, and hope to be with her untill we get old.

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