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I'm a girl and i have a girlfriend and we are together for a little more than a year, my parents knows about us and they don't mind, but her mother (divorced) doesn't know because one day (years ago) her mother knew something about her sexuality and punished and demanded her to it never be repeated, but my gf can't bring me to her house just as a friend, so we could talk and do normal things and she can't even come at my home because she thinks my parents are going to freak out and expel her from my house, she just allow to go there after everyone is sleeping and she leaves the house before anyone wakes and it makes me sad, first because i get too tired of waking up so early and have to drive her to her place, second because she brings friends to her house and i can't go because she won't allow, i'm patient and i don't force it against her will but deep inside it hurts me, i love her, i just wish things would be more easy.

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  • Life is to short to live in the closet. Demand a real out-in-the-open relationship or move on to someone that will

  • keep track of friends shes bringing home... srsly.

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