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im 18 years old in a few months, and i know i wont live till im 30. i have the love of my life next to me, my first, and last boyfriend, but im thinking about if i should leave him, spare him the pain of seeing me dying in my 20s, he could find someone new, someone he can have a family with and not end up alone.. i want the better for him, he deserves to not go through that pain, but at the same time, i dont want to die alone, when he means the world to me.. can anyone give me advice on what i should do?

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  • Why are you dying in your 20's?

  • No! Dont leave him. My gf broke up with me 2 weeks ago, this pain is so fucking strong. I i dont even wish this pain to my worst enemys. I would stay with her till my or her last breath.

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