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this one goes out to the ladies, because i want to understand why a girl would go back to her ex? ( the answe i got was: because he took my virginity) is this a valid reason? please help me understand

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  • thank you for helping me understand. in the end, i know that the heart is complicated. i have accepted her choice (although it hurts), because i know that she must have had very deep and strong feelings for him to give him herself, but i just don't want to be ther when he hurts her again, because if she comes to me saying that she made a mistake, i will have to hurt her by rejecting her, i cannot be someones second choice. for now and as long as i can, we will be friends.

  • I'm going through the same phase. He took my virginity and even after all the problems and even when I caught him once I cannot live. I broke up twice. but there's something. I break into pieces the other day and now I'm again with him.. idk why.

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