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For some reason, I've been feeling down lately. Nothing happened, yet still I feel like doing nothing all day - every time I walk to school I think of returning home again. I just feel like not giving a shit to everything that happens to me, whether it's grades or my friends' problems. I don't know how to fix that, any ideas?

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  • these are the first stages of depression, most probably led on by lonliness. you are starting to lose interest in life, its hard to ask for help, i know because im here now. i have been dealing with chronic depression for 6 years, a good way to fight back on your own is to go out of your comfort zone, as hard as it might seem, you need to start going out and meeting people and get out of your comfort zone. something to remember: you are not beneath people, all your ideas matter and your voice should be heard, you are equal (if not better) than everyone.

  • you need so see someone.. you might be depressed

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