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I really don't know what to do about my boyfriend's friend. He's so irritating! Firstly a bit of context, my boyfriend and I are mid twenties and have been together for around 3 and a half years. This guy has been my boyfriend 's friend for about 2 years. They meet while we were all at uni and honestly I can't stand him. He's in his thirties and keeps going to uni so he doesn't have to get a job as all he wants to do is 'smoke weed and drink beer man'. Me and my boyfriend have graduated and now both work full time, so time for just us two is limited all ready but this guy doesn't seem to get that. He asks my boyfriend to go out with him all night a few times a week, and by the time my boyfriends back it's sometime really late at night and since we share a tiny room I get woken up when he comes in and starts crashing around the room so when I have to get up really early in the morning I get really mad because I'm not even going out but I still suffer. I'm not unreasonable, if this was every so often then okay but it's a few times a week and it's making me day to day life difficult because I'm always tired. Even on the weekend he's forever texting my boyfriend asking him to drink beer and smoke because he has nothing else to do. It just pisses me off, this guy is a professional scrounger who still does bullshit uni courses even though he's his thirties to avoid a real job and is forever trying to influence my boyfriend into drinking/ smoking way too much with him on work nights. I've tried to talk to boyfriend about this but he just won't listen. This 'friend' also constantly tries to flirt with teen girls even though he's way to old for them another thing that makes me uncomfortable I actually seriously starting to think about breaking up with my boyfriend. He keeps asking me when I'll be ready for marriage and babies than screws me over by going out on benders with this idiot of a guy. My boyfriend ironically enough gets upset when I go out with my friends and am not back by a certain time, but when he does it then it's fine, lol.

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  • Girl what are you waiting for??? You should break up with him. I had similar problems with my ex, and it's hard the first months after breaking up, but later on you'll feel so happy for not dealing with this kind of shits anymore.

  • Man that's shitty. Honestly, I'd just go ahead and break up with the guy. If you try to make your boyfriend choose between you and the friend, the boyfriend would probably choose the professional slacker either out of spite or because you're forcing him to choose. Or hell, maybe he would ditch the friend. I REALLY doubt it though. The boyfriend will do what he wants as long as you tolerate it. But whatever you do, choice being yours, IF YOU HAVE A FAMILY WITH HIM, YOU'll BE RAISING KIDS ALONE.

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