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I hate single moms. Not "My husband beat me and I had to leave" single moms. I'm talking I got pregnant in high school so someone would be obligated to love me Maury I'm 5000% sure paternity test single moms. People who are broken up with the dad before the kid even pops out and moves in with a new illiterate semi employed drunk every couple of months because they fear being alone and makes the kid call EACH of them dad. It is not "Just as good" as having a loving family with a mom and a dad. Your son will likely go to jail, your daughter will likely get pregnant as a teenager, and you are more likely to become poor than any other group. (sources: US Census Bureau and US Dept. of Health and Human services) You are being selfish. Your "intentions" are worthless. I have a right to judge because I grew up with a single mom. Solve your issues BEFORE you have a kid. You owe your offspring that.

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  • like that you gave sources

  • single mon too and i agree.

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