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I've put six people into the hospital my mother(who mentally and physically abused me for years) I beat to a pulp my father (who tried to beat me for no reason) I broke his leg a black kid (who was four years older than me who bullied me for a year) a bit and ripped a piece of flesh from his arm a large chunk a guy I caught trying to rape a girl I broke his leg in three places and his arm and broke his jaw the fat bastard who broke my arm I broke his face with my cast and the asshole who hit me with his car I was in a coma for three months when I found him I tried to out him in one

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  • I would have done the same

  • You need to be contained dear animal. This is unacceptable behaviour. You sound like you had a terrible childhood and that's unfortunate but you aren't a child anymore. Your actions have consequences and only you are to blame. You are responsible for yourself now. look after yourself.

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