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I met this guy on a dating app. I'm a Filipina, he's Jewish. I'm 19, he's 41. But he look like 32. From a simple "Hi" from him, things got serious until we agreed to have casual sex. We met at his hotel room, talked a little and ended up having sex. After our deed, He wrapped his arms around me and pressed his face on my chest. I looked at his face and voila! I think I fall in love with him instantly. He said he's not the one for me, but I feel something special about him on the day we first met. Unfortunately, He left Manila to fly to Bangkok today. I fell in love with a total stranger. I met him once, but my feelings for him lasted.

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  • You don't just fall in love after one night, that's not love

  • You will need to move on. Cherish the memories, because he sounds like an okay guy. But he slept with someone half his age he barely knew, he is not relationship material. You will need to move on. Cherish the memory of the good times you had, but accept that you two will NEVER work out for anything other than this.

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