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I lost appetite for almost a week. My parent got worried so they checked if i lose weight. I didn't lose, I gained. WTF happened?

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  • maybe you gained muscle and lost fat

  • ... Impregnated by aliens? I honestly don't know. You should probably go to the doctor. Get well soon. Make yourself a good steak. (Except if you're a vegetarian - then make yourself one of those awesome cheese filled whatever-they're-actually-made-of thingies.) I sometimes lose appetite too because of a chronic illness (my parents blamed me to be anorexic because I actually lost even more weight than normal people would, my metabolism is really fast), and sometimes it helps to make the food you like the most. Yourself. Because even though the thought of eating is revolting, you invested so much work and you know it's actually really delicious, so you just eat it anyway. So much for eating without an appetite. About losing it in the first place and the freak weight gain, please go see a doctor. Probably it's not an alien pregnancy, (:D) but you should get yourself checked anyway. Good luck and get well soon!

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