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I am too much of a good-guy to loose my virginity. when I find someone I like... friendzoned in 3.2.1. GO

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  • Being a good guy has nothing to do with having sex. Most good guys have more sex than assholes. If you're friendzoned, then you didn't show your attraction, or they just don't find you attractive. I'm sick of people whining about being friendzoned. Hell, in the last year, ten guys went up to me and blamed me for friendzoning them - they didn't even once tell me they liked me!!! If they'd have asked, they would've gotten laid! But no, instead they sit around and play video games with me or just see me in huge groups at parties and say f*cking nothing about even finding me attractive. They didn't even watch me. If you're too damn shy to say what you want, you're not a good guy. You're an idiot. And to be friendzoned, you first have to be a friend. I'd not consider someone a friend who expects to get f*cked as soon as he says hello! You're not a friend, you're not in the friendzone, you're just too stuck up to do anything. Or you're really freaking ugly. Like "looking at you causes my retinas to burn permanently"-ugly. Guys need to stop whining about the friendzone. The guys who said I friendzoned them? 5 never really talked to me, except for a few sentences, and never met in private with me, but expected me to be head over heels for them and be the mother of their child. 2 were ugly as if they were the result of a failed experiment with gamma rays and toxic waste, and the last three actually were my friends, yes - but they never, ever even tried to tell me they like me. They treated me like any other girl. They even showed me the cold shoulder for some time, supposedly punishing them for treating them like shit. It's not called "being in the friendzone", it's called "being a delusional idiot who expects girls to jump them as soon as they breathe the same oxygen", and that's just stupif. If you want to get laid, get the f*ck off the internet, get out of your goddamn house and deal. With. It. Ask for dates. Specifically dates. Not just "Let's meet up sometimes and do this and that", because that's not a date. Get your head out from where the sun never shines and do something except for whining that you're too good of a person to have sex. You're not the virgin Mary or the Pope.

  • Being a "good guy" isn't the reason yo are shot down. They say you are a good guy to avoid hurting your feelings and telling you that you are unattractive and possibly an overweight man child who visits Wizardchan.

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