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So I was desperate for love and met a girl that goes to the same university as me through some friends, (trying to set us up basically) and she seemed hesitant in general. I got to know her better and found that we had a few common interests, however she seems to lead a rather boring life, always having a little schedule she had to keep which includes a carpool between her house and uni as well as long hours of studying, and the relative distance between our houses making more difficult. She seems not aware of the wonders of the world, of ideas and views on matters of a different level of though. I, not knowing my way around things of a romantic nature and relationships, fell head on while trying to take it slow and get to know her better, and made her understand it as well as told her that I wanted her to be my girlfriend. She wanted to stay friends but I knew that there was something there, it was because I rushed it and she just needed more time. So it continued and we got closer, and she asked me if I wanted to try being in a relationship for a set period of time to see if it could work. Needless to say I agreed and we got even closer. She still felt hesitant and I got attached because of some circumstances having to do with money and distance and because I really wanted to have a more emotional relationship. So she called it off before the agreed upon time and wanted to stay friends. She tried calling me the next day but I wouldn't pick up. So I didn't talk to her at uni either for a few days, until I texted her that I wanted to see her. We met and she told me that she was calling me because she wanted to give me a second chance. She wanted to stay friends, and go out together, just not in a more romantic way. I knew there was something there but she had to concentrate on her studies rather than romance. So we went out a few times and it seemed like if we go on like this until we take our finals, she would be willing to take things further. In the meantime I met a different girl from uni through another friend and we've been hanging out once in a while in a group and lately by ourselves as well. We met about two weeks after I met the other girl and the whole thing has been going for a few months. She seemed like a unicorn at first. She still does. She takes my breath away. We can talk for hours on end, about anything. We have so much in common and I feel a special kind of connection with her. We've shared secrets, opinions on matters I've never discussed with someone before, she's seen a side of me no one has ever seen before, and just generally enjoyed each other's company. She seems like she's interested in me but I don't know if she's pulling back because there's the other girl in the mix and is waiting for me to end it with her first, or if she just likes my company that much and doesn't see me romantically. Now I'm someone who's never had a girlfriend before and has never experienced something like this before. I feel some kind of obligation to the first girl because of the things I said to her and the more flirty way I treat her, it's just that lately we've grown apart a bit and we don't talk much, about anything really, just the happenings of our daily life. We've come closer with the second girl and I'm starting to feel strangely about her. A kind of connection I've never felt before. But I don't know if she's interested in me so if I make a move I risk jeopardising the great thing we have, as well as put an end to something that could potentially become something more. Any advice you can offer?

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  • My bad. tl;dr: Met a girl that goes to the same uni as me and developed feelings with somewhat out of loneliness. It's not that we don't have common interests, it's that I rushed things and she wanted go stay friends. I didn't exactly agree but we kept talking and going out a few times. I've had a few outbursts since then, wanting to know her intentions, and we've grown apart, but there's still something there. I properly met this other girl that goes to the same uni a short while after meeting the first one and we completely hit it off. We're so alike and I've since developed a strange bond with her. She's the one person that I wouldn't mind having with me in every possible place, at any probable time. I can talk to her for hours, and she gets me and I get her too. Thoughts?

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