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I hate the chessy love fb statuses. I remember a couple in particular. I knew them becoz they were former classmates of my bf (now ex-boyfriend) Their biographies were full of hearts and kisses and "I love you so much", "I cant live without you", "I'll love you forever". On Valentine's day they posted a picture of two ugly teddy bears that said"Their names are lilly and tommy (I don't remember the actual names), the names of the two children we'll have some day." One month later they broke up, I laugh my ass out when my bf told me that. I know, I am a horrible person. But c'mon! isn't it extremely stupid to let all your fb contacts know about your relationship and sticky disgusting cheesiness. I was in a serious relationship as well but we barely let our contacts knew how much we loved each other. Likewise, none of my fb contacts noticed when we broke up. Ironically, my exboyfriend and I were together for 3 years and 9 months. The cheesy couple lasted less than a year.

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  • My husband and I put up some of those cheesy statuses. We do go through rough times but we don't put that "dirty laundry" on social media. It has nothing to do with trying to make others believe we are perfect but more about the fact that we don't think our problems are any one else's business. I feel like you did yourself wrong by not sharing your love with more people though. You said your friends didn't even notice when you broke up, after three years? My friends would know instantly if something was up with me and my husband just because I wouldn't be able to act like I didn't care.

  • it's a face put on to make people believe that they are so in love and stuff when in reality they had a rough relationship and it was hell for them. they were too embarrassed about their struggles so they put on a face.

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