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There is this one guy called Jemoy, he is this perfect half-british boy in my school. I became so obsess to him and so even though I am a closet gay I decided to confess to him. He was shocked and he actually likes me too, that's when I realize that we both like each other even though there is a 1 year age gap between us but... turns out he used me, I trusted him with all my heart and yet... why did he do this? One day at school people stare at me with disgust and it turns out one of my friends printed a post from him in FB.The post was all about me, that I should just go to hell for being gay, for being such a dirty person but what saddened me the most are the comments. Instead of protecting me my classmates all agreed to him and up to this day whenever I see him it still hurts me inside that I can't do anything because up until now there is still a part of me that wants him and the other being so angry to him. I thought everything will be okay now but one of his friends ask me to talk to him and I don't know if I wan to or not... please help me.

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  • ohmygod you guys little pie.. here here let me hug you :')

  • I'm sorry for that. I didn't think stuff like that actually happens in real life. I don't understand how people can actually think being gay is wrong. I don't know if my advice will be any good to you, because I've never been in the same situation, but if anyone would have outet me in an environment like this, I wouldn't want to talk to them. I'd rather grab an axe and wreck their house. (If you need me to do this to him, no problem - I can come over. I could also set things on fire for you.) I'm extremely unforgiving, as you probably have noticed by now, and I don't think I'm the best person there is, but people tried to bully me a while ago. I'm using "tried" because I'm also dense as a brick wall and didn't notice it, I just thought they were being retards. They were calling me names and talking about me behind my back, and I actually overheard a conversation they had (calling me emo-dyke - for real? Yes, my hair was turquoise, but I was basically as black and sad as an exploded, sparkling rainbow.) and went over to them and told them: "Yeah, actually, I am lesbian. Since this topic seems to interest you so much, do you have any questions to ask?" Unfortunately for them, I had more friends than them - a whole lot more. Your situation is, of course, way worse. Living in a homophobic environment sucks. And the guy you like turned out to be a total *sshole. If you really, really love him and think that you and him might be able to have a fairytale-happy-ending, then you should talk to him, but the way you described your situation, it doesn't sound like that. If he ever actually felt something for you, he's too much of a coward to admit it. And he probably won't, after seeing how the people are treating you now. As long as he lives there, he'll hide himself, lie to himself, he'd probably even marry a woman just to look straight. I know people like that. He's not worth your time. And, seriously, if you were my friend, I'd have stood up for you. To him, to the school, to the whole damn world if I needed to. Finish school and get out of this place as soon as you can. Find yourself real friends and a boyfriend who actually deserves you. And if you want his house wrecked, just tell me where to go. Might take some time to get there from Germany, but I will. That stuck-up bastard. I wish you all the best. And stay strong. Those homophobic lowlifes don't deserve your tears, you're much better than that. Lots of love and all the best wishes <3

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