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That friend who uses you as a "backup" plan, they are chilled and all, but when it comes down to hang out, they sometimes just say that "this person and this person couldn't be together, Sooo lets hang out" like your the last person they come to when nobody else can/will hang out. Side note: that friend catogorise me as "best friend". Not because I'm mad or any, it's just that feel like "yea your the last person I want to be with, but because no one else can you must be the one to hang out with" Nothin mean in this, it's just a sad feeling and especially when the person ALSO tells you that 1 to 5 persons couldn't hang out. It happens several times from the same person, as called my "best friend". Anyone else had this kind of people around them or that type of friends? An what are the most constructive to do about it? (Just a thought I wanted off of my mind) :I

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  • definition: fake friends

  • cut off ties with them and make new friends. the end

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