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How should I break up with my long distance girlfriend? She's highly insecured and has attempted suicide 5 years back.

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  • Don't let her guilt trip you live your life and fuck her. If she murder herself she's the only one to blame.

  • I dated a guy long distance and I decided to break up with him on web cam because it seemed better than a phone call or email. He was very insecure with himself and had several issues he needed to work on before he dated anyone. He got so upset that he "passed out" on web cam. (I could tell he was faking and trying to guilt trip me into staying with him. He had pulled crap like this in the past) I disconnected the web cam and told him that if he didn't call/send me a message saying he was fine in 10 minutes that I would call his local cops to come check on him. No message, so I called the cops and explained the situation. They came to check on him and he was of course fine. He was embarrassed that I had called them and I told him that I was embarrassed to tell them a grown ass man was playing pity party to keep a girl he rarely ever saw around. BOTTOM LINE: Don't be rude, just let her know you're unhappy, and that it's time to move on, BUT GENTLY. If you are afraid of her committing suicide, I'd say to let someone who lives near her that you're concerned for her well being. Have empathy but don't be afraid to make yourself happy.

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