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there is this 29-year-old guy who was like a cousin to me. my father enjoyed tinkering with old cars with him and I knew him since i can remember. 4 months ago me and my sister went partying, we met him and had fun. while my sister was getting some drinks, he came closer to me and wanted to make out. "it's the perfect chance, I know you want it!" were his words. My world broke down, not just because we had a familiar relationship, he is married since 2013 and they are expecing their second child right now. he's texting me sometimes that we should repeat the evening, but i told him how i feel about the whole story. how can I stop this without making him mad at me? I'm NOT in love with him, i know this for sure!

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  • buy a strap on and fuck him

  • Well he seems like an asshole. if he does this with you he surely does this with others. I would personally tell your father after telling him not to get mad and take action. then slowly but surely push him out of your life.

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