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My current girlfriend ha sbeen with me for 3 years now. Very early on she cheated on me. Not once, twice. No, three times. She had a lot of problems at the time, so i forgave her. I partly blame myself because she was drunk, me as well ( i don't usually drink, but i did to fit in with her friends) and i saw her making out with one, but was far too blacked ou to do anything. The second one ii knew she was going to meet, but i didn't want to stand in her way because she was still suffering a lot. I won't go on about the third one though. Now i often have heavy periods of depression which don't let me sleep, though i feel exhausted all day. Plus i don't feel worth a lot anymore. She turned into the most caring woman in the world, but it still kills me. Especially because i knew two of them (always hated them) and they used her when she was drunk. I never got my hands on them, sadly. When i talk to her today about my problems i still try and be polite, though sometimes my whole body cries "shout the sh*t out of her and beat the living cr*p out of her and those guys", then again i blame myself as well. It's often really hard and depressing, because the face that makes youz smile the most is the face that makes you suffer the most at the same time. I just can't get past all this for some reason and just often want to cry. Before somebody judges me, i'm a full grown man, academic and live healthy.

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  • I'm in the same position except last weekend I cheated on him to try make myself feel better. at the time I did. But it worried me that I didn't feel guilty about it when I went home. now I'm trying to decide if it time to end the relationship now. not because I cheated or because he has. bit because I realised our relationship isn't healthy being this way me being depressed because of all the shit he's done.

  • fuck that bitch and leave

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