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I never talk about my feelings. When something bad happens I just don't care .But sometimes you loose it after. I lost it last saturday. The last thing I remember was crying on my bed while drinking a bottle of vine at 12 am. Sunday morning, I woke up at 10 with a massive headache. Next to a naked guy I don't recognize. Tried to get up but I needed to wipe a weird white powder(coke probably) and someone elses puke from my bare skin. I was also naked. I tried to find my clothes and found three other NAKED people on the couch. Two girls and a guy. So I wore a jean that wasn't mine, ran to my house for 15 minutes, got under the bed and cried for two hours. I was a virgin. After that I got up and followed my parents to their friends 60th bday party and smiled till the end.

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  • c'mon guys tell me the DAMN TITLE


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