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my parents are now very rich,we bought a house (more like a mansion) but our neighboors are annoying little rich fucks and they hate us and they judge my mom because,well,deep down,we are still poor,we behave like ''poor people'' y'know? and we want to move,i'm trying to convince my parents to buy a house in the country side,next to a river,it's a place we known and used to go fishing on holidays... it's such a nice place with a gigantic river and the little town is around it,carved in the mountains.. but they keep saying that ''it's in the middle of nowhere''. how can i convince them? i can use the truck and go downtown to get everything we may need twice a week,what more can i do to convince them? help.

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  • culture class is a weird, thing but if you stay with them make your become friends with some one that like you for you and not your money. or wait until there come some one new and become friends with them

  • tell them you feel uncomfortable in the new environment. I get what you're saying... just because you're down to earth you get judged. you should really move, because your neighbors will never stop, trust me.

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